Shari Miller is a photographer with a passion for seeking beauty in our ordinary, everyday lives. Through her work, she invites people to look more closely – more deeply – to see more of the beauty that exists in the world, in others, and within themselves.

Shari often finds herself in the role of teacher &/or student, mentor &/or mentee. She believes that teachers are students and students are teachers – and that when we are open to learning from one another, everyone’s experience is richer. She taught French and Spanish in both large urban and suburban high schools in the Des Moines area for over 16 years. More recently, she has been an online photography mentor with the Arcanum and the Google+ Mentorship Program for Photographers. Currently, she is teaching photography to 3rd-5th graders in an after-school program through the Des Moines Public Schools and also received an art project grant for this upcoming school year to facilitate a program for ten middle school students focusing on photography, mindfulness, presentation literacy, and developing the artistic (and human) voice.

Shari offers workshops and presentations on using photography as a creative companion to greater self-discovery. She embraces photography as a contemplative practice and is keenly interested in the meaning we can gain from the process of photography, the creation of the final image, and the effect of collective seeing in helping to develop our artistic and human voices.

She has presented at the Out of Chicago winter conference, at the Riverwoods Nature Photographic Society in Chicago, and in local central Iowa venues. Her work has been exhibited in the Iowa State Fair Photography Salon for the past four years, and her piece “foxtail impressionism” was selected to be shown at the juried “Snapshot” exhibition at the Octagon Center for the Arts in Ames in 2016. Her photographs have also appeared in The Sun magazine and in Shades of Grey, published by French photographer Jean-Michel Missri. She enjoys working on collaborative creative projects.

Shari lives in Polk City with her husband and two sons and can often be found wandering the shores of Saylorville Lake posing and photographing feathers, acorns, shells, sand, driftwood, ice, wildflowers, foxtails, and other small bits of nature.

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